Franchise Marketing

BeatThe Competition

These days you can only beat your competition in one of four ways: pricing, exposure, location and aggressiveness. The more of these means by which you do beat your competition the better. Your goal should be to win in each category. The big question is how to do it in a combined approach that gives you an advantage in as many of these areas as possible. There is only ONE answer... Expand into more outlets! Having more outlets allows you to combine efforts for improved results because:

  • More outlets gives you better buying power
  • Allows you to lower prices to customer while protecting margins
  • You than can beat your competition on price
  • More outlets gives you improved brand exposure
  • More outlets gives you better chances of improved locations
  • Increases your overall segment market share
  • Provides first-in market advantage and momentum
  • And Finally... Permits you to beat your competition on convenience, exposure and aggressiveness.

Time Waits For No One

If a business person waits, sooner or later the competition will pass him. Our prices and our system gives you the competitive edge over your competition, and at the same time protects your business by embracing methods that are proven, safe, and stand the test of time.

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