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Although we specialize in franchise services, our highly acclaimed creative services apply to any professional business model.

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Considering Franchising Your Business? Franchising is the most effective way to grow your business and INCREASE YOUR NET WORTH! Franchising allows you to capitalize on your knowledge and experience while others fund new openings and distant operations.

Contact Brand Banc to access the incredible competitive advantage of franchising. We will perform all the functions required to franchise your business quickly and competently... and all for just a fraction of the cost of typical franchise consultant fees!

Expert Franchise Development Services

Your franchise documents are critically important to the success of your franchise organization. Surprisingly your documents not only affect your ability to you protect your organization from compliance challenges, they can also affect your franchise sales growth. Well conceived franchise documents are concise, clearly define the franchisor/franchisee relationship and do not create undue concerns by qualified franchise candidates.

Our experienced franchise consultants know which questions to ask to ensure that every aspect of your business is properly reflected in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Franchise Agreement and other related documents.

The services outlined below are provided by our franchise consultants. Many of the services provided below are inclusive under our Franchise Fundamentals Program.

Franchise Fundamentals

With each client we begin with a FREE NO OBLIGATION FRANCHISE CONSULTATION reviewing your business relative to proven franchise operations and structures. If your business is deemed to have franchise potential, we then conduct an industry competitive analysis. Following our research, we produce a development plan that outlines your company’s expansion goals and financial projections. Active clients also receive the following franchise development components:

  • Confidentiality & Non-Competition Agreement
  • Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
  • An Iron Clad Franchise Agreement
  • Area Developer Agreement (ADA)
  • Professional Operations Manual - (template only)
  • Registration in Required States - (optional)
  • Initial franchise marketing brochure - (optional)

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires 23 items to be disclosed in the FDD concerning the franchisor and provisions contained in the Franchise Agreement. Our franchise consultants advise you concerning the terms of the franchise relationship and assist you in completing our proprietary questionnaire. The system and processes used by our consulting attorneys when developing the documents ensure that all aspects of your business are fully identified and properly disclosed.

The FDD, Franchise Agreement and Exhibits are prepared in conformance with the FTC Franchise Rule. This enables you to begin granting franchises in 36 non-registration states upon completion of the documents. Fifteen states (CA, HI, IL, IN, MD, MI, MN, NY, ND, OR, RI, SD, VI, WA and WI) have franchise investment laws that require franchisors to provide pre-sale disclosures, known as "offering circulars," to potential purchasers. Thirteen of these state laws treat the sale of a franchise like the sale of a security. They typically prohibit the offer or sale of a franchise within their state until a franchise offering circular has been filed on the public record with, and registered by, a designated state agency. Two of the fifteen states do not require a filing of offering circulars. See Federal Trade Commission for additional details.

Five of the 36 non-registration states require the filing of a simple exemption form, which we coordinate prior to launching the franchise (see State Exemption Filings below). Six states (CT, GA, LA, ME, NC and SC) have requirements that must be met if a franchisor does not have a federally protected trademark (a state registered trademark is accepted by GA, LA and SC). If you do not have a federally protected trademark (which is common with new franchise companies), please contact us for additional information and requirements.

The Brand Banc Difference

Our team of franchise consultants have decades of real time franchise development and are known for Affordable Franchise Excellence! Brand Banc will provide you with precise and proven methods to cost effectively create, develop and/or market your new franchise concept.

  • Eliminate Numerous Unnecessary Expenses
  • Avoid Costly, Possibly Devastating Franchising Mistakes
  • Pay for Your Franchise Development in as little as ONE FRANCHISE SALE!

Brand Banc is a full service franchise marketing and sales consultation firm. We assist our clients with everything they need for successful franchise development. This comprehensive approach has lead us to numerous relationships with highly competent franchise Small Business Administration (SBA), 401(k) and unsecured business loan and funding assistance. When you work with Brand Banc, if a deal can be funded we will get it done.

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