Franchise Marketing


Small businesses can expand a number of different ways. The most common methods of expansion require placing substantial capital at risk. Those methods include competitive business ACQUISITION, establishing DISTRIBUTORSHIPS, LICENSING, INDUSTRY COOPERATIVES and of course ORGANIC expansion by slowly carving out new marketing routes.

Of all the options available to the small business owner FRANCHISING is the only method that offers all of the following attributes:

  • Virtually No Capital Outlay for Expansion - franchisees pay for unit growth
  • High ROI - low capital investment yields high return-on-investment
  • Low Risk - franchisees assume full risk for their unit
  • Limited Liability - franchisees assume financing and leasing responsibility
  • Fastest Reoccurring Revenue Growth - due to multiple revenue streams
  • Motivated Location Management - individual unit ownership creates greater focus
  • Minimal Operations Requirement - day-to-day operations at the unit level
  • Collective Purchasing Power - all units benefit from the collective
  • Brand Confidence - consumers buy from names they know

There is strength in numbers. Franchising offers you a rapid and inexpensive method for business growth and competitive dominance. If your business has an immediate local advantage you should strike while the iron is hot and franchise today.

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