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Although we specialize in franchise services, our highly acclaimed creative services apply to any professional business model.

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Q. Does Brand Banc work outside of the franchise segment?
A. Yes. Brand Banc extends identity development, marketing and sales services to a broad range of business concepts.

Q. Are Brand Banc's services available on a non-exclusive basis?
A. Yes. All of our agreements are tailor made and designed around your goals.

Q. Does Brand Banc provide comprehensive sales services?
A. Yes. Our job as your outsourced sales department is to handle the entire sales process, from the initial lead generation all the way to the closing meetings and post-closing support.

Q. What happens when someone requests for franchise info?
A. Our goal is to respond as quickly as possible, we typically send them an email immediately and call them within 24 hours.

Q. What kind of reports will I receive?
A. We believe that your franchise leads are your own. Therefore you will have live up-to-the moment access to your candidate interactive database. Our system allows you follow real time individual candidate notes, status and outcomes. Numerous reports are available instantly and 24/7.

Q. What is the sales cycle of a typical franchise inquiry?
A. Of course individual candidates will vary, but a typical franchise sales cycle will average between 60-90 days from the moment they inquire to the signing of the final documents. As with all sales, our goal is to prevent any delays in decision making process. Removing ineffective barriers is one of Brand Banc Marketing's core competencies.

Q. Do you help franchisees find finance options?
A. Yes. We have firm relationships with Franchise Funding Specialist as well as with leasing companies, unsecured Loans, SBA Lenders and 401K roll-over agencies.

Q. Do you complete the franchise sale all the way to closing?
A. Absolutely! We handle every aspect of the sale from lead inquiry through the sales process all the way through structuring the Discovery Day itinerary and facilitate the signature of the documents.

Q. How do you generate leads for our franchise?
A. Our lead generation team will develop a customized plan based on your goals, budget, targeted regions, etc. We tailor our lead generation recommendations to your specific brand and potential targeted owner audience.

Q. Can you help with modifications to the FDD or an addendum?
A. Yes. With the assistance of our affiliate organization Business Development Centers we will assist in the changes in your documents. Part of the driving force behind Brand Banc Marketing is to address all the needs of a franchisor client.

Q. Who owns the leads?
A. Your franchise leads are your own. Brand Banc Marketing will manage your lead data and processing while providing you full real-time access to your list as well as up to the moment status of each and every franchise prospect. Data reporting and list downloads are available at any time.

Q. How does Brand Banc make its money?
A. Good question. Included in Brand Banc service agreement is the design and production of all appropriate franchise marketing, advertising and sales materials. A small monthy retainer fee is charged to offset that considerable initial investment. However, the majority of Brand Banc's compensation is franchise sales commission based.

Q. What is a typical commission?
A. Commissions will vary based on a variety of factors, including the franchisor's commitment to marketing, the amount of the franchise fee, and the availability of financing.

Q. Who pays for the lead generation?
A. The majority of our clients choose to manage their advertising plan and budget for lead generation, with our assistance of course. However, we offer comprehensive franchise sales development programs that do include full lead generation programs.

Q. Where can I find out more information?
A. Click on the one of the following links to SEND AN EMAIL or request a FREE FRANCHISE CONSULTATION.

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