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Although we specialize in franchise services, our highly acclaimed creative services apply to any professional business model.

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Your franchise sales should not be a complicated process. Brand Banc can guide you every step of the way recruiting qualified franchisees at a pace that suits your goals. Our services include franchise marketing input and/or design, initial lead registration, candidate qualifying, materials distribution, professional Webinar presentations, FDD disclosure, Discover Day management and franchise closing support. Although BBM does provide lead generation services, our clients can remain responsible for their own advertising, marketing, promotional and public relations management.

All of Brand Banc clients own and have live interactive access to their own leads databases which we maintain. To assist in your planning and forecasting, multiple candidate reports and activity analytics are immediately available to all our clients at all times.

Suggested Franchise Award Process

The following represents the Brand Banc method of candidate escalation and franchise award. This process has proven to produce a high percentage of sales success with qualified well-matched candidates while preventing unnecessary delays in the franchise award cycle:

Qualification Specialist

  • Phone and email inquiry as soon as possible.
  • Provide a background of the concept.
  • Gather required information from the candidate.
  • Send the franchise packet and confirm receipt when applicable.
  • Schedule next step phone call with Executive Recruiter.

Executive Recruiter Phone Call

  • Explain Executive Recruiter role, establish trust and common agenda.
  • Confirm the franchise award process.
  • Detail the company development strategy, mission, vision and values.
  • Get commitment from the candidate to complete a Franchise Application.
  • Schedule a virtual Webinar or face-to-face meeting.

Virtual Webinar or Face-to-Face Meeting

  • Completes personal presentation or Webinar.
  • Provide FDD disclosure and review pertinent FDD items.
  • Assign franchise network validation, developing questions, etc.
  • Review the FDD and franchise validation remarks.
  • Schedule a Discovery Day meeting(s).

Mentor Meeting at Existing Unit or Territory (Optional)

  • Organize a candidate meeting with Mentor, Franchisee or Area Developer.
  • Address all operations questions or concerns.
  • Discuss candidate's personal and business plans.

Discovery Day Agenda

  • Tour of the corporate offices.
  • Introduction of company management and support staff.
  • Tour of local corporate and/or franchise units.
  • Comprehensive discussion of company culture and support systems.
  • Discussion of key brand elements and future development.
  • Review of pertinent FDD items and comprehensive Q&A.
  • Clarify the franchise award and approval process.

Approval Process

  • Approval committee officer(s) reviews the candidate and territory's suitability.
  • The approval package is sent with full documentation execution details.
  • A reasonable deadline is included with the formal approval offer.
  • Signed final paperwork and payment is received by the deadline.
  • Extension is considered for appropriate candidates and conditions.

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